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We offer one- and two-day natural horsemanship clinics tailored to your needs that can be held at your location or another facility. Also, new this year, bring your horse and spend a day at Clear View Ranch for one-on-one instruction. General confidence building and a better repertoire with your horse are the end result. Anyone interested in partnering for mustang adoption and/or competition and training support are welcome to contact us.
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One and Two-Day Clinics
 and New for 2011 - One-on-One instruction
 includes ground school and into the saddle.

Techniques learned for better ground controls and manners:

• Disengage
• Direct and Drive
• Side Pass down a fence
• Back-up
• Bend laterally on the ground
• Disengaging trot on the ground
• Bend laterally in a saddle from a standstill
• Bend laterally & disengage from in the saddle
• One rein stop at walk, trot, and canter
• Lead by feet
• Vertical flexion
• Back-up from saddle

Renew your passion for your horse and establish a new relationship.  Clinics benefit advanced riders as well as the beginner.  The most important aspect of Dave's clinics is restoring confidence in riders who have become fearful or apprehensive due to an an incident or injury.
Clinics are fun, rewarding, and a great way to have a better tomorrow with your horse.  Consider signing up today!
Develop improved ground control and manners and teach your horse to respect your space.  "This was so amazing... I learned so much from Dave's clinic.  This stuff really works!!!" - Jennifer