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Extreme Mustang Makeover
100 Trainers - 100 Horses - 100 Days
The first history making event held in Ft. Worth, Texas
September 22-23, 2007
The first ever Extreme Mustang Makeover was publicized as an opportunity for 100 of the top US trainers to gentle and train 100 wild mustangs in 100 days for a competition held September 22-23, 2007 in the Will Rogers Facility - Watt Arena, Ft. Worth, TX

Trainer warm-ups were held Thursday and Friday prior to the actual competition on Saturday. The event attended by several thousand people included an in-hand course, riding competition and finals, along with a general conditioning score. It was an emotionally charged weekend with most trainers forming a special bond with the mustangs they had made an integral part of their lives during the 100 days of training.

Adoptions were held on Sunday. Of the original 100 trainers, 75 horses finished the competition and were adopted at the live auction, with total sales of $233,100. Many of the adopters were the trainers themselves who paid high dollars to bring their mustang home. The top selling horse, Hail Yeah, went for $50,000, with a partnership between the Mustang Heritage Foundation, the city of Norco, CA, and Ray Ariss, the trainer. All Extreme Mustang Makeover horses were 3-5 year-old geldings.

Keeping the memory and feelings alive that were felt during the competition is partly the reason for continuing to share this story.  More importantly, "Slick" was named in memory of Dave's brother, Donald, who passed away at the age of 43 two weeks prior to when Slick was picked up from the BLM holding facility in Oklahoma before beginning his 100 days of training.  Dave and his wife Cindy adopted both Slick, and the mustang mare, Kind Eyes Legacy, that Dave trained for the second mustang challenge held in Madison, WI, in 2008.  Slick and Kind Eyes were captured from the same Nevada herd one year and two weeks apart.

For more details on current and recently held Extreme Mustang Challenges, visit the Mustang Heritage Foundation website: 
Media Party for the trainers at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.
Getting ready for practice - Watt Arena.
In hand course.
Heading home!  See you in April at the Midwest Mustang Challenge.
And more practice...
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Midwest Mustang Challenge, Madision, WI (2008) - "Kind Eyes Legacy"
Training began in February.